Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 29th July 2022 Written Update: Jashan and Jahan demands Prisha


Mose Chhal Kiye Jaaye 29th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Prisha asking Armaan is he asking her to leave. Armaan tells yes and says that’s good for everyone. He then calls her as bad luck then asks her to leave his life and the house. Prisha gets angry and slaps him across his face and tells him that she isn’t unlucky but she is a fool to trust him and get blinded by the love she had for him. She then tells that who he is to ask her to leave the house and his life because she is leaving his life and his home.

 Armaan gets furious but controls his anger. He acts and tells her that he can react angrily for slapping him like before but he has changed and learned to respect women. He further asks her to slap him how many times she wants because for the mistakes and sins they have done together he will consider her slaps as his punishment. Prisha expresses her hatred for Armaan then leaves the house.

Saumya pleads Armaan to stop Prisha from leaving the house in hopes to get back to her because that will never happen. Armaan takes Saumya’s hand in his and pleads her to give him one last time to prove himself as a changed man who has changed for good. Saumya asks Armaan do he really think that she will trust his words? She then says that she don’t know why he is doing all this but all she knows is he neither loved her or the kids. He only loves himself and calls himself a selfish person.

She also tells him that a person like him who left his father’s side during his hardest time also a woman who trusted him only to get betrayal in return from him also a man who used a woman for the last five years and thrown her out also used his mother’s innocence on his favor for his own selfish reasons to get what he wants.

She further tells him that she knows well that why he wants her back in his life. Inorder to earn whatever he lost, his respect and power in the industry but she is not stupid to fall for his ploys and tells him that his charm won’t work on her anymore. She also tells him that she used Vimmy to fool him. Armaan gets shocked. Saumya leaves the house.

Later Jashan and Jahan fights for ipad to play video game. Sushma tries to stop them from getting into a fight. She gets succeed taking back the ipad from them. She then asks them to finish their homework first. The kids refuses and insults Sushma saying Prisha mom told them that Sushma is poor now so she can’t afford any video games which is expensive for them so they dont have to listen to her words because that’s what a poor person deserves. Sushma and Harsh gets shocked.

Sushma scolds them not to say such things. Harsh asks them to obey to their grandmother’s words. The kids refuses and tells that they want their Prisha mom and asks their grandparents where she is. Sushma tries to divert them by telling them the importance of respecting elders. They both calls her boring and tells they want their Prisha mom back and leaves the place.

 Sushma and Harsh gets upset by the kids behavior. Sushma tells Harsh that Saumya can only able to bring the kids into a right path. Harsh tells that he dont think the kids will accept Saumya as a mother neither Saumya agrees to return to their house. Sushma tells her that they have to try and not to lose hope. Saumya comes to her house.

 Prisha comes there and apologises to her for ruining her life only to get a revenge. She then seeks Saumya’s forgiveness. Saumya advices Prisha to not to ruin someone’s life and try to build her happiness out of it because that’s not a real happiness. She also advices her to move on. Prisha leaves the place.

Saumya hears the doorbell so she goes to open the door thinking its Shilpi the other side but gets shocked seeing Sushma and Harsh there. She invites them inside and decides to bring something for them. They both refuses and tells her that they are here to talk to her. Harsh apologises to Saumya for the way he treated her back then. Saumya tells him that the elders are supposed to use their hand to bless them and tells her that she is glad he realised his mistakes. Both Sushma and Harsh shares their worries with Saumya about Jashan and Jashan who was spoiled by Armaan and Prisha.

They both then tells the kids needs their mother also they want her to return to Oberoi mansion for her kids well being and she can only make them walk on the right path herafter. They both apologises to whatever happened with her in the past because of them. Saumya tells them that she promised herself that she will never return to the Oberoi mansion but not she is going to break the promise she made to herself because her kids are her life and she is ready to do anything for them.

She also adds that she will come to their house only for her kids and she don’t want to share any kind of relationship with them. Sushma and Harsh gets happy. Saumya then tells them that what she did with Armaan once he learns it she don’t know how its possible for her to stay in Oberoi mansion. Sushma and Harsh looks at each other confusedly. Armaan learns through Mr.Kapadiya that Saumya owns the production house of her own. He feels betrayed so he angrily says that he will make sure Saumya to pay for what she did to him. Sushma and Harsh gets worried seeing Armaan’s outburst.

Precap: Saumya asks Armaan about the kids whereabouts. Armaan tells her that they must be in their room but gets shocked when she tells they are nowhere to be found. Armaan then gets a call from a mysterious man who claims that the kids are with him. Jashan and Jahan pleads Armaan to save them. Armaan drops his things. Saumya looks on worriedly.

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