Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 29th July 2022 Written Update: Katha decides to fight her battle


Muskurane Ki Vajah Tum Ho 29th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Kabir asking Yuvraj where he lost? I asked you to not keep sugar in Katha’s glass as it’s not good for her. Yuvraj agrees. Kabir tells Katha about their hot chocolate story, how Yuvraj used to prepare hot chocolate in return whenever he waits for him at the night. Katha asks if he hides all his mistakes. Kabir says Yuvraj is pure at heart and he doesn’t do any mistakes intentionally. Yuvraj looks on. He serves them hot chocolate.

Kabir asks why he prepared only two. Yuvraj says he doesn’t wish to drink. Kabir asks how can he miss their hot chocolate session. He prepares one more glass. Kabir says this hot chocolate was our brother’s fav drink and will be now for all three of us. Kabir says you guys will become best friends soon.

Katha says true, Yuvraj can easily make new relations. Kabir asks her to drink it. He asks Yuvraj if his hand is fine. Katha gets angry and says, I want to tell you something but I am not able to. Kabir asks Katha what’s the matter. Katha sees Kabir holding Yuvraj’s hand and she stops herself from revealing the truth. She leaves telling she is tired and going to sleep.

Kabir says to Yuvraj that he doesn’t know why Katha is getting upset. Yuvraj thinks Katha may reveal my truth if Kabir Bhai asked her. He asks Kabir to not worry as this day is hectic for her. He asks him to drink hot chocolate. Kabir leaves without drinking it. Yuvraj thinks Kabir is worried about the small matters of Katha and doesn’t know what happens if he finds the truth. Katha thinks she will make Yuvraj get punishment for the way he cheated on her and his family. She acts like sleeping in bed hearing footsteps sound. Kabir notices she is sleeping. He covers her with a blanket.

The next day, Kabir wakes up and notices Katha is setting her hair. He notices her blouse hook got broken. Kabir goes to her and tells her that he can help her by fixing it. Katha agrees to take his help. Kabir stitches the hook with help of sew dhaga. Savitri asks Manju to take their help but Manju denies saying she can’t bear if anything goes wrong in the kitchen.

Kishore tries to eat Malpuava but Manju stops him. Madhu comes there and asks if the new bride knows about Teej or is she going to sleep till noon. Savitri says it’s her first day. She sends Deepa to check Katha. Katha thanks him. Kabir says he didn’t praise her till now. Katha says she thanked him for the hook. She is about to leave. Kabir stops her and applies sindoor in her mang. Some sindoor falls on her nose. Kabir tells Katha that it’s a sign of love. Deepa interrupts them and she takes Katha for Harayali Teej pooja.

Manju, Deepa, and Neelam make Katha get ready. Manju tells Katha the story of Hariyali Teej. Neelam signs Gunjan. Savitri wipes her tears. Katha asks Savitri what happened. Savitri says nothing. She asks if they don’t celebrate Hariyali Teej. Katha nods no. Savitri says no worries as I will tell you the procedure. Yuvraj comes there and asks his mom why she called him. Savitri asks to get flowers for Teej. Yuvraj thinks about how to escape from these situations. Manju asks Katha if she keeps Nirjal vrat for Kabir. Madhu says no need as she may fall unconscious.

Katha says she will do it. Savitri blesses her and tells her that managing the relationship for long is tough but one has to do it with a strong will facing the toofans. Katha thinks don’t know how to stay calm seeing that Yuvraj. She parts goddess. Kid asks Savitri if Kaali and Parvati are different. Savitri says both are the same and a woman has to become Kaali when it’s needed. Katha tells Devi maa that she got her sign and will fight her battle.

Episode ends.

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