Nima Denzongpa 7th July 2022 Written Update: Manya grows suspicious


Nima Denzongpa 7th July 2022 Written Update on

The episode starts with Nima cries under shower and lies to Roy she is alright. She thinks that god saved her so definitely he will save Virat too. She determines to find out whom is behind this all. Next day she gets panic seeing Roy comes close to her. He tells her that he is her husband. Manya calls her and inform her she is going to London tomorrow. Nima feels happy for her. Manya invites both of them for dinner. She assures her that she will inform it to him. She asks her Is she has some problems? Nima thinks that Manya won’t leave if she learn the truth. Nima gives phone to him she invites Virat for dinner but he tells her he has an important work. Nima questions him when did he start giving importance to work then family?

Alok comes there and agrees with Nima. He tells her he hears it all from out that’s why he interrupting. He adds that his new attitude makes him feel like he is not his brother but someone else. Roy agrees to attend the dinner so atop taking class to him. Nima thinks how will she inform this to him. Later Sunita talks with Surya about Varun. Just then Chinky comes there to meet Varun but Sunita advises her to don’t come here often. Her mom will scold her if she see her here. Sunita asks her doesn’t he hurts her? Chinky says that he is her best friend. No one understands her better then him. He tells her that he already left.

Later Priyal questions Roy how could he go with Nima to attend the dinner? If he behave like this then how will he trust her. Roy tells her if he don’t go with her then his truth will be out? Priyal thinks which truth? He lies to her their love relationship! He hugs her to calm her down. Mona see them together and thinks Priyal is right. He has interest on her that’s why he is getting angry on Nima. Mona notices Nima there and shouts her name louder to alert Virat and Priyal.

Later Nima and Roy going in car she asks him when did he start listening to such music. He manages the situation there. She notices Malkin calling him but he is not attending the call. She asks him to attend the call but he denies it. Meanwhile He stops the car and gets down leaving his phone inside the car. Nima unlocks his phone and notes the number.

Roy returns to car reminds about his mobile. Later Nima takes Roy to her house. He makes faces seeing the area there. She asks him why did he behaving like he is visiting here for the first time. He manages the situation there. Nima asks Sunita doesn’t Varun left for her sake? She denies it. Sunita asks her whom planning to kill her? Nima thinks that he is not real Virat. She assures her that no one can able to touch them.

Later Paras and Surya asks Virat why is he selling Chemical factory? Doesn’t he getting enough profit from it. He diverts the topic there. Manya confronts Nima Is something bothering her? Is she hiding something from her? Nima lies to her as nothing. Manya tells her that Virat going to sell his chemical factory but she is giving reacting like he didn’t share it with her. Nima asks her to go back to London. Manya demands her to promise her if everything alright here. She gives fake promise to her.

Nima thinks that she wanna find out the truth asap or else he will take all his money from Virat’s company. Roy about to leave Nima asks him to take a selfie together. She lies to him that phone battery is over. She asks him to give his phone to her but he tells her she is short so he will take selfie. Meanwhile Nima pretends like sick inside car. He leaves to bring water with his phone. Nima thinks that all her plans are flopped how will she find out the number. Later Mona and Priyal asks Virat to join playing cards there. Nima notices his phone there and joins with them play card. Mona wishes to order gulfi there. She asks Priyal to share her mobile password. Nima reminds her number as same.

Episode end

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