Parineetii 5th March 2023 Written Update: Rajeev’s promotion throws another challenge for Pari and Neeti!


Parineetii 5th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Rajeev waking up and thinking Neeti woke up so soon, if I knew Neeti will wake up so soon I would have done second marriage earlier only. Rajeev gets up and comes down and they say Neeti is in kitchen. Sukhwinder thinks soon Pari will leave this house. Rajeev tells them about his promotion and his boss are coming. Parminder says Pari will make a nice meal for your boss. Bebe says don’t you remember Neeti is the bahu so she will do it. Pari goes to kitchen to see Neeti. Pari asks Neeti if she needs any help then she can do it and make halwa. Neeti says I have married Rajeev now and I will manage, last time I let you made it and see how things ended, so this time I have learnt from youtube and will make it. Neeti says I will handle this and my mood will also get better so just leave me alone. Pari goes.

Bebe comes to Neeti and says wow halwa smells so good and I have a good news for you. Sukhwinder says Rajeev is going to get promotion and his boss is coming for dinner so if you make his boss happy then the credit of his promotion will be yours and everyone will say you came to Rajeev’s life so he got promoted so it will be your win. Neeti says I will do that. Here, everyone taste Halwa and praises it. Neeti feels happy. Rajeev asks everyone to be part of the lunch today as it’s very crucial for me, they are coming from spain to here with their wives. Neeti says I will make italian so I will make Risotto rice. Pari says I will make punjabi food. They both go to kitchen and start cooking. Pari says I am cooking chole bathura you love that right? Neeti says that was when we were kids not anymore, with age we should eat healthy and not fried. Pari says okay. Neeti sees the chole and gets water in mouth. Pari goes after making chole. Neeti tastes her risotto and worries as it’s not that good. Bebe comes and asks why is she worried she made so nice rice. Neeti says they are very bland and taste is okayish not at all comparable to Pari’s.

Bebe says if we can’t win we can not let Pari win as well. Bebe says we can add salt to her food. Neeti gets confused if they should do it. Neeti says no it’s not right. Bebe says that is the way we can stop Pari from winning. Neeti hesitates but puts the salt in chole. Neeti mixes it. Neeti says now chole are waste and everyone will curse Pari. Bebe says you can also turn on the stove to burn it. Neeti says yes. Neeti opens the stove then Neeti says no we can’t do this as then we won’t be able to serve anything to boss and you only said Rajeev’s promotion means my win as well. Bebe says but there is time for lunch we can make anything else. Neeti says I don’t know how to cook. Bebe says so your mother didn’t teach you well but you can see videos from internet. Neeti worries.

Episode ends.

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