Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 25th July 2022 Written Update: Gungun fails to prove Hriday’s lie


Pyar Ka Pehla Naam Radha Mohan 25th July 2022 Written Update on

Episode begins with Hriday switch off the lights and he moves towards Gungun with knife. Gungun screams and comes downstairs with Hriday’s bag. Hriday also comes there. Mohan asks Gungun that if Hriday did something with her. He holds Hriday’s collar in anger. Kadambari asks him to leave Hriday. He tells her that Gungun screamed so Hriday must have done something. Radha asks Gungun that why the latter screamed. Hriday says that he switched off the lights without knowing that Gungun was there that’s why she screamed. Kadambari tells Mohan that this is why she stopped him.

Gungun says that Hriday is not the right guy for Radha. Kadambari asks her to stop it. Gungun says that they will cancel Radha’s marriage after seeing what she found in Hriday’s bag. She shows lighter to them. Mohan says that Hriday hided about his smoking habit from them. He adds that Hriday played with their emotions by lying to them. Ketki says that she already wondered that how Hriday could be perfect. She adds that they can’t let Radha’s marriage happen with a liar. Sundari asks Hriday that why he lied. Damini signals at Latha.

Latha defends Hriday. Mohan asks Radha to check Hriday’s bag because they may find cigarettes too. Latha says that they are treating them like theif. Mohan says that if Hriday did nothing wrong then, they should not get afraid. Latha asks Sundari to say something. Radha finds cigarettes in Hriday’s bag which shocks everyone. Hriday says that this is half truth only. He asks Radha to check his bag properly. She finds anti-smoking poster in the bag. He says that he is part of anti-smoking campaign.

He shows his campaign video. He tells Mohan that the latter would have got answers for all the questions. He says that he is not understanding that why Mohan wants to prove that he is not the right guy for Radha. Latha says that Mohan’s behaviour says something else. She asks Mohan to explain his relationship towards Radha. She says that Mohan accusing Hriday since beginning. She cancels the marriage. Damini tells Kaveri that Latha doing overacting now.

Sundari tells Rameshwar that all this happening because of him. She says that now Radha’s marriage will happen at their house. Latha agrees with her. Mohan accepts that he made mistake by listening Gungun. Gungun says that she did nothing wrong. He yells at her. Tulsi’s spirit says that Gungun is right. He says that today Gungun crossed all the limits so he has to teach her a lesson. He takes her to a room.

Kadambari asks Radha to calm down because Mohan won’t beat Gungun up. They hears Gungun’s screams. Radha asks Mohan to not beat Gungun up and open the door. Mohan acts like beating Gungun up. Tulsi’s spirit asks them to stop their act. Damini tells Kadambari that Mohan beating Gungun up because of Radha. Radha hears that. Gungun asks Mohan to not beat her up so everyone can hear her.

Ketki sees Damini and Hriday together. Damini notices Ketki. She asks Hriday to stop Mohan. Hriday tells Mohan that he forgave them. He requests him to not beat Gungun up. Radha breaks the door. She picks Gungun and she yells at Mohan.

Episode ends.

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