Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th June 2022 Written Update: Oswal Family takes orders for their new business


Sasural Simar Ka 2 14th June 2022 Written Update on

Episode starts with Simar says to Badima that if they make Petha together, the imperfections will be washed away, then the Petha will be perfect. Simar starts to make Petha again and then Aarav comes and stares at her. Wipping her sweat he fans her with a tray.

Gagan is making hot water for pedicuring of Aditi. Indu helps her and tells him to stand beside her as Aditi is pregnant because this will be the great journey for both of them. Gagan helps to her to wash her foots.

Simar makes Petha and Badima says that this is the original delicacy of our Petha. Simar says with all the imperfections, i make this family Petha. Tasting the Peta, Badima says, this is our original Petha, as if she made it with her owns hands. Reema how dis she make it? Simar says I’ve cut down all the imperfections of our Petha. Everyone awestrucks. Badima says then everyone is winner. Badima gives all the special utensils to Sandhya. Reema is given an apron. Badima has nothing to give Simar. Simar asks her blessings. Badima blesses her. Simar forbades her to cry. Aarav says we have one heart, how many times would she win this heart. Badima encourages everyone to restart the new business with her vigourous words.

Suddenly Roma comes in Gagan’s house when everyone was surprised and doubtful about her sudden advent. Everyone asks her about her well being, she ignores somehow and says that she comes to take rest for some days from her in laws house. She starts to take the hot water in the bowl says she also wants to give recess herself.
Badima calls Mitra Saheb and asks him to give the first order from Oswal Petha Bhandar. Evils overheard. Badima says they have obtained their first order for the 10 kg Petha.

Everyone is busy to make the lists of ingredients. Vivaan takes more orders. Aarav brings all the ingredients in advance. Badima says Aarav he must pay all the debts in time. This is rule of successful business. Simar agrees.
Chitra says to Giriraj if Geetanjali will get orders in this rate, they will be in great loss. Raj agrees.

Aarav says there is 45 kg’s for tomorrow. Simar says it will be done. Reema says it can’t be possible. Simar disagrees. Indu and her husband,Gagan, Aditi, all come to join and help them. Badima becomes happy. She agrees. Simar this will be possible now. Badima says to start this with the name of Jay Maa Durga. Everyone starts to work. All members do their jobs with great effor and ease. Badima makes the packet of Petha.

Chitra says everything is going well for them. She becomes jealous and taunts him. Raj forbades to taunt them. Giriraj reminds about the power of Geetanjali Devi. Chitra says, if Badima is well at making good things, she is also great in disturbing that good things. Chitra waits for the absence of Simar. Simar goes for her refreshment. Chitra comes in the kitchen and holds the order list. She takes the photocopy of the recipe and customer lists. Vivaan comes to ask her what she is doing. Chitra says she is relaxing there as this is a common place for all of them. Vivaan reminds her not to do anything mischievous. Aarav forbades Vivan not to talk like that. Chitra gets upset and talking about her another son. Vivaan says he didn’t forget him. It’s better he is detouched for many days from this family. Chitra yells at Vivan that he wants to raise same detasteness for Chitra. Aarav says to Chitra not to think negative, there is love among them, they are living happily. Don’t spread negativity.

Next Simar worship Maa Durga with their Petha. Badima seeks the blessing from Matarani. Chitra calls the customers and says she’ll give the 50% discount if they take orders from them. Simar arranges all the orders. Indu gives the best wishes to Badima and seeks adieu.
Aarav calls the customer for the confirmation. Aarav is told for cancelling the order. Episode ends upsetting everyone.

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