Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th March 2023 Written Update: Reema is bewitched by an evil snake


Sasural Simar Ka 2 4th March 2023 Written Update on

Episode starts with the arrival of Aarav in the kitchen, which makes confused Reema. When she proceeds to help him, he denies to accept that. Aarav searches for milk everywhere, when he sees a milk bottle in the fridge, drinks the whole bottle. Actually, Aarav is transformed into a snake. Simar asks him why is he having milk in spite of having alergy. Aarav says he just felt having some milk and behaves roughly with Simar. He leaves Simar confounded. In the midst of night, Aarav wakes up and roams in his roam, feels uneasiness. Then he throws out his snake shell from his body. Then he two crystal stones from the drawer and a needle. He murmurs that he needs some blood of Simar, as this will fulfill his goal.

Aarav proceeds towards Simar and attempts to stab that needle in the hand of Simar, but as soon as she wakes up, staff pretends to sleep. Waking up, Simar feels something odd but again goes to hit the hack. Now, Aarav stares at her and decides to take that drop of blood in the next day. In the next morning, Aarav calls Simar to sew a torm botton, when Simar proceeds to bring another jacket to wear, she is asked that to sew that one particularly. When Simar completes her sewing, somehow he pokes her with that needle. He takes the blood from Simar and rebukes Simar for her carelessness and left Simar unattended. Simar feels very odd in his behaviour. Meanwhile, Aarav mocks at the innocence of the soul of Simar and her love for Aarav. Then he puts that blood drop on a crystal stone which starts glaring. Aarav is being transformed in a venomous snake which is seen by Reema and runs to Simar.

Here, Simar feels dissatisfied for the disappointing behaviour of Reema. Suddenly, she hears a shrill from Reema but suddenly Reema loses her sense from the biting of that snake. Everyone comes and holds her. When Vivaan is asked to call the doctor, Aarav runs to Reema and washes off the sign biting which is already seen by Simar. Reema wakes up and gazes at Aarav. Reema says she is okay, and forgets the whole incident. When Simar asks how did she lose her sense, Reema gives a vague answer. Simar becomes even bamboozled not seeing the mark of snake biting. Simar continues to think about the incidents.

Reema is praised by Aarav and asks her to collect one drop of blood from every members of Oswaal family and have to put that blood on that crystal, without saying anything to anyone. Taking the crystal Reema promises she could do that she leaves. Simar reaches to the temple of Matarani and reminiscences few incidents of Aarav’s of behaviour. She starts to pray to Matarani for her Aarav and expresses all her emotional words to Matarani. May be he has been suffering from a tremendous traumatization for the infernal experience. Later, a new boy reaches to the temple of Matarani and meets Simar.
Episode ends.

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