Shaadi Mubarak 26th March 2021 Written Update: Shikha delivers a baby girl

Shaadi Mubarak 26th March 2021 Written Update On

Episode starts with KT asking to print Preeti’s photo in every newspaper. He sits on the bench of hospital being worried about Preeti while Kushala comes there with the baby and cries seeing his condition. She ask him to rest while he shouts at her stating that he can’t until he will find Preeti. He worries about Preeti’s well-being while Kushala reminds him about his responsibilities towards the baby. She says that baby needs a home and ask him to look after his baby. He tries to argue with Kushala but she made him hold the baby and goes from there asking him to look after his baby.

On the other side Shikha gets laboy pain while Vishal gets worried for her. Doctor takes Shikha inside the operation theatre while Preeti keeps staring at them. Shikha’s baby gets delivered while she and Vishal cherishes their moment. Preeti smiles seeing the baby but they all miss to notice Preeti’s photograph on the newspaper.

KT caresses Preeti’s picture and then talks to the baby. His heart flatters seeing the baby’s smile while he misses Preeti and states that their family is incomplete without her. He feeds bottle milk to the baby and takes proper care of her while Kushala gets emotional seeing him hiding from aside.

Shikha’s sister-in-law Roshini gets busy in phone while the baby was about to slip from the bed when Preeti comes there and saves the baby. Shikha scolds Roshini while she apologises and moves out. Preeti takes the baby while Shikha tagged her to be the baby’s godmother. She thanks Preeti for saving them.

Vishal celebrates his happiness while Shikha laughs seeing him beating drums and spreading money. Preeti also smiles looking at them while Shikha handovers her baby to Preeti asking her to take care of it. Preeti gets happy genuinely and plays with the baby. On the other side KT manages the responsibility of his baby.

KT takes the baby to his house while everyone gets emotional. Shivraj consoles KT while he gets inside his room along with the baby. He remembers his moments with Preeti and shows the room to the baby. He talks with his baby while the baby giggles. He shows Preeti’s wardrobe to the baby and says that they have to avoid messing the room as Preeti doesn’t like it. Baby starts crying while KT consoles her stating that her mother will soon come back.

Vishal says that Preeti doesn’t have any family and the records are also burnt in the hospital. Shikha ask to keep Preeti along with them while Vishal resists stating about their financial condition. He says that he don’t have a job and it’s only Shikha who earns while Shikha somehow convinces him to keep Preeti along with them. Preeti keeps holding the baby while Shikha feeds her happily.

Vishal sees a job requirement in the newspaper and tells about it to Shikha while she gets teary eyes and reminds him about his dream of becoming a successful musician. He loses his hope to become a musician while Shikha encourages him. He smile at her while she praises about his qualities. She feels dizzy while Vishal holds her asking her to take care of herself. Preeti smiles seeing their bond while Shikha names Preeti as “Mohi”, She takes the baby from Preeti/Mohi and ask her to rest.

Precap:-Shikha falls and gets injured. She ask Preeti to keep her baby safe and love her like a mother while Preeti nods assuring her. On the other side KT takes Preeti’s potrait and says that she will surely come back as she never forget her promises. He stops his family from performing her last rituals and states that Preeti is alive. Vishal snatches his baby from Preeti while she cries and says that she have promsied Shikha to take care of the baby in her absence.

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