Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd February 2023 Written Update: Nayantara foils Samrat’s plan


Yeh Hai Chahatein 3rd February 2023 Written Update on

Episode begins with Samrat makes Mohit unconscious. He wears Mohit design outfit. He recalls that how he got same design outfit. He orders servants to lock Mohit in the storeroom. Revati recalls that how she sent message to Priest. Samrat sits beside Ishani. He thinks that he won’t let Nayantara succeed in her plan. Nayantara thinks that everything is happening as she had planned but why she is feeling like something is wrong. She searches Samrat and she understands that he is up to something for sure.

She finds Mohit in the storeroom. She realises that Samrat is behind this. She wonders that who is sitting beside Ishani. She goes near the marriage mandap and gets shocked learning that Samrat took Mohit’s place to marry Ishani. She thinks that she won’t let Samrat ruin Ishani’s life and she has to stop this marriage somehow. She brings khee and pours it on Ishani’s outfit deliberately. She murmurs Seema to bring Ishani to Aliya’s room.

Seema thinks that something is fishy that’s why Nayantara called them. She asks Priest that why abshagun happening when Mohit married the tree first. Revati asks Priest to start the marriage rituals. Seema tells her that it’s a big abshagun. She says that anything can happen with Aliya if her outfit caught fire then. She asks Priest to stop the marriage for sometime and she will wash Aliya’s outfit. Priest asks Seema to return soon. Ishani wonders that what happened to Seema. Samrat thinks that everything will be ruined if Seema saw Ishani then.

Revati takes Ishani to washroom. Nayantara calls Revati and tells her that she know her plan. Revati goes out to talk on a call. She returns and thinks to trace the call later. She washes Ishani’s outfit without removing veil. She thinks that she won’t let Ishani know she know her plan. She takes Ishani to the marriage mandap. She thinks that Ishani will be shattered after learning the truth.

Samrat takes pheres with Ishani. He thinks that he want to see Nayantara’s face after the marriage. He ties the nupital chain around Ishani’s neck. Revati congratulates the couple. She asks Seema to remove the veil of bride. She gets shocked seeing Nayantara as bride. Samrat removes his veil and asks Nayantara that what is she doing there.

Nayantara asks him that if he expected Ishani as bride. He asks her that how it happened. She recalls that how she told Ishani that Samrat know their plan and he took Mohit’s plan. Ishani gets worried about Mohit. Nayantara tells her that Mohit is unconscious in storeroom. She decides to become bride and tells Ishani to leave with Mohit to safe place. She tells everything to him. She says that he was wrong that’s why he lost.

Episode ends.

Precap – Revati tells Malati that the latter missed the marriage but she should not miss muh dikhai ritual. She asks Samrat to wait to know her plan. Later, Nayantara says that Samrat is beast. One girl comes there and says that her husband is not beast.

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